Protecting your tools is a must so being taught how to wrap your hands is essential for a safe and conducive workout. If you are a surgeon you might want to double wrap them. The first skill I teach all newcomers is footwork. If someone were learning to fight for a profession I might work with them on proper footwork for two weeks. You have to be able to move in and out, laterally and circle an opponent. Your punches consist of a straight left and right, right and left hook and left and right uppercut. One foot must always be grounded which will be the one you pivot off of. Defense comes next and you must be able to duck, weave and slip a punch. Once the introduction is completed we begin our private session.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All rounds are three minutes long and you are permitted a one minute rest period between rounds. After three rounds of moving around the ring under my constant supervision barking what types of defense and punching combinations to throw you will be ready for four rounds on the focus mitts. This simulates the boxing experience since I’ll be moving around as your opponent as you punch the mitts and slip the punches I call out and demonstrate with the punching mitts. You are sure to become empowered as you send the fighting fireman back on his heels.

Upon completion your tongue will be hanging out but instead of rest you will begin three rounds on the heavy bag. You treat the bag as an opponent and work all your punching combinations and defensive maneuvers just as if in the ring. Upon completion of the third round comes three rounds of different exercises with the medicine ball to work strength and stamina. Three rounds on the speed bag follow and then three with the jump rope where you are constantly moving lateral and front and back as you skip.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You are not finished because we have five fifty yard sprints to complete outside followed by floor work of core and strength training exercises. By now your body will be dripping sweat but there is to be no cussing out the instructor. Not only have you completed the most intense exercise you may ever do but you will also be learning a skill. For exercise enthusiasts seeking the ultimate challenge this workout is for you and the best part is you will be finished in an hour or less because boxing is intense.

boxing workout

The author owns a personal training business in Cary N.C. where this workout is incorporated to those who accept the challenge. Besides a masters in exercise physiology and undergrad in physical education he was a professional heavyweight boxer and golden glove finalist. His exercise philosophy has been featured on “The Today Show” “Good Day N.Y.” and Fox Five News. Please refer to http://ift.tt/1ppJGHy for questions

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Super Boxing Workout For Exercise (mma)

Boxing Workout

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