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If you follow MMA closely, you will notice how participants in this fighting sport have lean, ripped, close to fatless bodies. You are probably wondering how these fighters achieve these bodies, and whether or not you can have the same ripped physique too.

Well, in life, with the right amount of dedication, motivation and perseverance, anything is possible. And when it comes to losing weight, building lean muscles or even the ambitious goal of having a body similar to MMA fighters, then, a good MMA workout routine can make it all possible for you too.

A lean, ripped MMA body, in my view, is better compared to the large, bulky MMA body. Lean, muscled fighters are able to combine their speed and power, as well as explosiveness and endurance, which can be lethal in MMA fights.

If you are serious enough, then you first have to make that decision to give the hard work and determination needed for you to succeed. Then and only then will you have the chance of getting that ripped, toned body like MMA fighters have (from using an MMA fighter’s routine)… something you have always wanted. If you have made that decision, then it’s time to learn some important things about MMA workout routines.

First step in achieving the ripped body you desire is to give yourself some motivation. I know losing those unwanted fat should be motivation enough, but a better motivational tactic is to do MMA workouts like you are actually training for an actual MMA fight. With this in mind, you have absolutely no reason not to get motivated, unless you plan on getting your behind kicked in the fight. With this motivation, your MMA workout routine will go smoothly and well, and the results will be fast and amazing.

Now, let’s talk of the actual MMA workout routine. The fun now begins. Of course, there are hundreds of other MMA workouts designed to give you that lean, ripped body. However, I taken the liberty to list some important guidelines you need to follow in order to achieve that MMA fighter’s look.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); First is to do strength training or body weight exercises that are explosive. This will allow you to lose more fat and develop leaner muscles by hitting type II muscle fibers.

Second, you need to boost your post-workout metabolism by doing total body workouts. An intense MMA workout, designed to work the entire body will increase burning of unwanted fat in the next 12 to 72 hours.

Third, try and simulate an actual MMA fight. To do this, use interval trainings in your MMA workout routine.

FightersFourth, design your MMA workouts to include various trainings from different aspects of MMA. Include cardio, speed work, flexibility, interval training, all rolled into one intense workout.

In conclusion, to get that ripped MMA body you have always longed for, an MMA workout helps a lot. But the main thing is to have the proper motivation to do it. If you are motivated like an MMA fighter training for a fight, with hard work and dedication, you will achieve that ripped, MMA body in a jiffy.

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MMA Workout Routine for a Ripped Body – And a Win for Fighters and Lovers


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