To build a lean fighter’s body, you’ll need to train via your own MMA workout plan. Or, at the very minimum, incorporate some common MMA workout strategies into your current training regimen.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I suggest building a workout routine that increases your athleticism, explosive abilities, endurance, strength, power and flexibility. The lean body look is one that requires you to go above and beyond standard weight training and cardio workouts.

You can make decent progress with any generic workout routine, so long as a proper diet is followed. However, sculpting a single digit body fat (percentage) frame takes greater effort and different approaches.

Most everyone who is actively working out is doing so in a way and with intensity that is promoting an average body, at best. I’m not saying it’s their fault – most gym-goers simply don’t know any better.

To break away from the pack and acquire a fitness level and a body that is several rungs above everyone else on the old “lean body ladder,” try using some of the following MMA-inspired workout techniques.

MMA Workout Technique #1:

Whether you’re doing cardio, weight training, body weight conditioning, plyometrics, direct ab training or kettlebell workouts, simulate “rounds,” not reps. In other words, attack each set as though it’s a round in a real MMA fight.

Start with 1-minute rounds and increase the time as your conditioning improves, until you can perform the given exercise for 5-minutes straight.

Most people lift or perform intervals for about 30 seconds maximum. By using a high intensity for a longer duration, you can really tap into stubborn body fat stores and enhance post-workout fat-burning.

MMA Workout Technique #2:

Discover your weakest attribute and design your MMA-inspired workout to address this first. Does your strength need to improve? Is your conditioning less than spectacular? Are your reflexes extremely slow? Could your shoulders use greater mobility?

Pick yourself apart until you find what’s really lagging behind and make it a point to attack this area first in your MMA workouts. Improvements in weak areas are often needed before the body will allow further changes in other, stronger functionalities.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); MMA Workout Technique #3:

Train your mind and heart more than your body. MMA fighters are amongst the most mentally strong individuals on the planet.

Just think about what they face every day in practice, let alone in a caged fight, where another well-conditioned fighter is trying desperately to inflict as much pain and damage onto them, as is humanly possible.

Fighters are excellent athletes, have amazing lean body frames that are often ripped to shreds and they are extraordinarily confident, focused, dedicated and mentally tough.

Simply put, MMA fighters have a lot of heart. When it comes to transforming yourself into a lean hard-body, there’s no substitute for having “heart.” Your workouts will require it and your discipline in the kitchen depends on it.

Work daily on feeding your subconscious mind positive thoughts and start learning how to push through discomfort. It’s hard to accomplish anything superb in life without going through a decent amount of pain, discomfort or unpleasant change.

MMA Workout TechniquesAlways try to break away from your comfort zone (during your workouts and in life) and set a new threshold for yourself. This is the only way to grow as a person and get what you want out of life, including a lean fighter’s body.

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MMA Workout Techniques – Build a Lean Fighter’s Body

MMA Workout Techniques

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