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Best Fitness Equipment For Fast Weight Loss

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Looking for the best fitness equipment to lose weight fast? It’s that time of year again – the time when winter jackets come off and you can’t hide those holiday pounds so easily any more.

But you don’t have to be frightened by the looming prospect of bathing suit season. You still have time to work off those pounds – with the right equipment.

The market has changed quite a bit over the years with new options and faster calorie-burning machines.

This article will lay out 3 of your best options when it comes to choosing the best exercise machines for flab-busting. Here we go:

#1 The Incline Trainer

An incline trainer is like a treadmill – but it gives you super-high inclines (up to 40%). According to manufacturers, you can burn up to 5 times the calories on one of these babies as on a flat-incline treadmill.

So if you normally burn about 150 calories, multiply that by 5 to give you 750 calories! Wow.

Now obviously walking on such a high incline does take getting used to. And you may want to start just building in high incline intervals until your fitness level improves. But it’s still a huge improvement over a treadmill!

Why do these machines burn calories so fast? Because they force you to use more of the large muscles in your legs – and large muscles burn mega-calories.

There are different kinds of incline trainers – some look like treadmills with one belt and others, like the Treadclimber, use two smaller treadmill belts that rise to meet your feet.

The upside is that these machines incinerate calories – so you’ll lose weight super fast and see results ultra-quick. The downside is that these machines can be on the expensive side starting around $1700 and up.

But they have been around for a few years now and have a pretty good track record. Plus the new models have added even more entertainment options to help you workout longer.

#2 The Ski Machine

The famous Nordictrack skier has gone through some changes over the past few years – but overall it’s pretty similar to what it started out as: a simple cross-country skiing simulator.

If you’ve ever tried one of these machines you’ll know how fast you start to sweat once you begin working out. And it gives you pretty fast results – mainly because it incorporates both the large muscles in your legs AND your upper body arms into the workout.

It also forces your legs to go through a full range of motion which again burns more calories than, say, a short-stride elliptical trainer where you don’t have to stretch out as much.

The upside to the ski machine, besides fast weight loss, is that it’s affordable – they currently run around $699. Plus it’s quiet since there’s no motor.

The downside is that, unlike other fitness equipment, the console is bare bones and there’s really nothing in terms of entertainment options.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); So it may be a good idea to set your skiier up in front of a TV in your home to fight the ever-present threat of exercise boredom.

#3 Variable Motion Elliptical Trainer

There are several different versions of this – and each brand tends to call their models something different.

But basically the main idea is this: it’s an elliptical trainer that changes your stride and elliptical path (thus the “variable” part). Sometimes you change the motion by pushing down harder on the pedals – and sometimes you change the motion from the console by pressing a button.

But basically this variable motion (and as a consequence variable stride) burns more calories than a standard elliptical.

Why? Because you’re not doing the same motion over and over again (where your body can quickly adapt and burn less calories). You’re constantly challenging your body – which burns more calories, especially over the long term.

The upside is that this kind of machine gives you a lot of workout variety. There are several downsides however that you should know.
Best Fitness Equipment
There is such a range of different models that you really have to do your research to find a crosstrainer that is well made and will hold up well over the long term.

Plus these machines do tend to be expensive (the good ones start around $2500+). So again, it depends on what you’re looking for.

But the bottom line is that if you’re looking for super-fast weight loss, these 3 machines are some of your best bets. Take your time, do your research and have run watching those pounds slide off!

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Best Fitness Equipment For Fast Weight Loss – 3 Options That Burn Calories FAST!

Best Fitness Equipment

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