Penis Muscle Exercises – Simple Hand Exercises to Make Your Penis Stronger and Larger

Can you really increase your size through penis muscle exercises? Actually, it is very possible. Although the penis does not have muscles per se, there are ways to increase the size through series of exercises. There are also exercises that can give you better control over the PC muscles.

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The PC muscles are those that control the flow of urine. Exercising these can lead to stronger orgasm strength. To find the muscles, simply try stopping the flow of urine. Then to exercise them, contract them 10 times. Don’t do this while you’re urinating, as it can lead to bladder infections.
Most of the penis is not composed of muscle tissue. Instead, it’s made up of a spongy tissue called the corpus cavernosa. This type of tissue is unique in the body as it can change in size. When it fills with blood, it expands. But when it’s empty, it’s a much smaller size.
You can expand size of your corpus cavernosa tissue. This is done by breaking down the tissue slightly and allowing it to reform. This process is very similar to the way your muscles increase in size. Over time, the incremental changes will add up to a large increase in size.
The best exercise for this is the Arabian Jelq. The Jelq has been shown in scientific studies to increase size by 1 1/2 to 2 inches. It’s not an easy exercise to do. In order to make it work, you must maintain a semi erect penis throughout. Otherwise, you will not see any results. But if you can do it, this penis muscle exercise will not only help you gain size but you will also gain control.

Penis Muscle Exercises – Simple Hand Exercises to Make Your Penis Stronger and Larger

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