worlds largest muscle man
     worlds largest muscle man

                   worlds largest muscle man   For most skinny guys, figuring out how to get bigger legs is a major priority. After all, building your upper body is not much good if you’ve still got pipe-cleaners for legs, is it?
Good strong leg muscles are not only impressive, but functional and prevent a lot of avoidable injuries that many folk suffer from. They’re also the largest muscles in your body so paying them the attention they deserve is essential.
Here are 3 things you must do in your quest of how to get bigger legs.
Focus on Big Compound Lifts
The key to building muscle and how to get bigger legs is in stimulating as many muscle fibers as possible per exercise. Efficiency is the key to gaining muscle mass.
In this respect, it is the compound exercises that will aid you most in building big leg muscles. Exercises such as Squats and Deadlifts will build leg muscle much faster and bigger than isolation exercises such as leg extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises.
That is not to say that isolation exercises are not good for building big leg muscles, just that the big compound exercises should be the staple bread and butter exercises that you focus your leg workout around.

 worlds largest muscle man

Lift Heavy But For Less Reps
The second key of how to get bigger legs is to make sure that you harness the power of the Progressive Overload principle. This means that you gradually increase the weight your legs are lifting over time, and is the best way to see continued muscle growth, size and strength.
By lifting heavy, particularly on the big compound exercises you will have to reduce your reps. Ideally, to build big leg muscles you should try to perform 3 sets of between 4-8 reps on these exercises, with heavy weights.
Avoid Too Much Cardio
In general, I always suggest to skinny guys and hardgainers that in order to build muscle size and gain mass, it is better that they reduce the amount of cardio they perform, while they are focused on bulking up, since they will see faster gains this way.
 worlds largest muscle man

This advice is even more true when it comes to getting bigger leg muscles. Too much cardio will just tire out and fatigue your leg muscles even further, and make building big leg muscles harder to attain.
Limit your cardio and you won’t run the risk of overtraining your leg muscles.
By building bigger legs you’ll not only end up with a more impressive body, but since they are the biggest muscles in the body, they can significantly increase the flow of testosterone in the rest of your body. This additional testosterone level will help you build muscle in the other areas of your body that you may be struggling with.
This is a major reason why focusing on your leg workouts and following a good program to get bigger legs is essential if you want to build big muscle quickly.   worlds largest muscle man
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