(green tea lose weight) Numerous scientific studies have shown that tea drinkers, drinkers of green tea, especially to lose weight faster than those who do not. (green tea lose weight) According to a study conducted by Abdul Dull, Institute of Physiology, University of Feinberg in Switzerland, the plant compound EGG found in green tea, along with caffeine, increases thermo genesis by 84 percent. (green tea lose weight)  Thermo genesis is the heat generating body that occurs as a result of normal digestion, absorption and metabolism of foods. Green tea also increases levels of morphine, which prepares your body to burn fat for the response “fight or flight”. [1] (green tea lose weight)

Although all researchers believe that drinking green tea (or whatever) is a “magic bullet” for weight loss, most weight loss experts agree that floods your system with water drinking tea or eating a chocolate bar or a soft drink can help the digestion process move along quickly and may distract you from chewing snacks that are not healthy.(green tea lose weight)

green tea lose weight

Drinking green tea offers a wide range of health benefits, and one of the main advantages is that it can help you lose weight. It has been shown that green tea can help the body burn calories and fat, and that is why it is used as an ingredient in the popular diet pills.(green tea lose weight)  While drinking green tea provides fast as other weight loss products can help you lose weight without compromising their health. (green tea lose weight)

Green tea reduces fat

When the sugar and fat in your body, which can be synthesized in a vital substance called triglycerides. This synthesis process occurs in the small intestine and liver, and the triglyceride is transported to other parts of the body by the blood. Triglycerides are a very important substance because it provides the power to support various functions in the body.(green tea lose weight) However, a problem arises when there is an excessive amount of triglycerides in the body. Excess triglycerides processed fat, and this can lead to obesity. (green tea lose weight)

Green tea may counter the threat of excess triglycerides, because it has a large amount of poly phenols. Poly phenols operative to activate a particular enzyme in the body, and this enzyme dissolve excess triglycerides. This means that the fat content in your body will be reduced if you drink green tea on a regular basis. (green tea lose weight)

Green tea boosts metabolism

Green tea provides a number of powerful antioxidants that can benefit your body in many ways. One of these antioxidants is called dialectician gallant, or EGG, and has the ability to stimulate the body’s metabolism and accelerate weight loss. (green tea lose weight) With caffeine in green tea, EGG works to stimulate the central nervous system and releases the fat in the blood, so that body fat can be used as fuel.(green tea lose weight)  This process of using fat as fuel is known as thermo genesis, which is more energy production, shedding of excess water and fat burning. Caffeine can cause thermo genesis by itself, but it is much more effective when combined with other substances EC in green tea. (green tea lose weight)

Green tea improves physical endurance

You must keep in mind that exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Not only burns calories but also increases energy levels and contributes to building muscle, which increases your metabolism.(green tea lose weight) The poly phenols present in green tea stimulates the muscle and liver cells to use more fatty acids. As a result, your body will use carbohydrates at a slower pace. With more carbs left in your body, you can exercise for a longer period of time, your body will burn more calories. (green tea lose weight)


Green tea can accelerate the metabolism of 4%, which amounts to only 100 calories per day, which does not contribute much to weight loss. If you need to lose 20 pounds or 30 pounds in a short time, green tea is not the best choice for you.(green tea lose weight) However, green tea can be used to maintain a healthy weight, and can also provide many other benefits for your body. (green tea lose weight)

green tea lose weight

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