strengthening lower abdominal muscles

                                                                         strengthening lower abdominal muscles

When one is usually asked which part of your body would you want to change, what would be your answer? Most probably, it would be that stubborn belly that seems so hard to get rid of even if you have tried so many diet plans or pills and even exercises! Well, don’t give up now, for lower abdominal exercise is the best way to go to having sexy abs.

The Flat-Stomach Myth:

Many people are on a quest to achieve a “flat stomach”. The obsession with the abdominal area can cause frustration, anxiety, and can even lead to eating disorders. Unfortunately for many people it’s not physiologically possible to achieve a flat-stomach.  Our abdominals aren’t designed to be flat. Instead, the abdominal muscles form a rounded, not flat, shape. Gender, age, and individual body types can effect the size and shape of your abdomen. This is especially true of many healthy and fit women who, when they reach about 40 years old, tend to get a lower abdominal “pooch” due to hormonal changes.

So instead of worrying about something you can’t change, try focusing on something you can–like your posture. Poor posture can contribute to a “pot belly” look, while good posture can add to a trimmer-looking physique. Good posture consists of a slight bending of the knees, contracting the abdominal muscles to point the tailbone toward the floor, and keeping your shoulders back and your head balanced on your neck (not leaning forward). Think of a string attached to your head which is being pulled upward. Better posture will make you feel taller and slimmer.

strengthening lower abdominal muscles

Importance of Lower Abdominal Muscles

This is a known fact: lower abdominal muscles are often forgotten in regular workout routines. They are not a separate muscle, but an extension of the rectus abdominals, which we commonly know as the “six pack” (sexy) area that is attached to the bones on your pelvis and the hips. Your lower abs gives you the strength and stability on your pelvis, hips and lower back area in doing your daily tasks like walking or standing up right. So what happens if this particular area is omitted? You guessed it right – flabby abs!

Hardest To Trim Down

Among all the abdominal muscles, it has been proven that the lower abdomen is the hardest to trim down and strengthen. It is because most ab exercises developed in the past do not really target those hard to reach lower abs. Fitness experts have now focused on the importance of building a strong core for overall well being and have identified effective exercises that can do both strengthen and flatten it out into sexy abs. It is surprisingly easy to do because unlike other strenuous workouts, you do not need heavy weights or expensive equipments.

Daily Routine Exercises

The most important about these exercises is to do it on a daily basis to see fast results. One basic workout is the double leg lifts wherein you lie on your back, hands placed under your butt and lift your legs straight up vertically to contract your lower abdomen and tighten the muscles of your legs. There are lots of other exercises you can learn that targets lower abs. Use them!

strengthening lower abdominal muscles

exercise for strengthening lower abdominal muscles

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