exercise for muscular endurance:

Have you tried to take your bags for a long time? Your arms and legs give away even before you get the car? If this is the case, then your strength is very weak, to say the least. Muscular endurance is the ability of a group of muscles to resist fatigue over a long period of time in a contracted state. So no matter if you have abs and biceps ripples or not. What matters, however, is that if the muscle mass that can perform well under pressure. Moreover, without muscular endurance, increase muscle mass is hard work, it will not be able to exercise for a long period of time. To make the muscles contract and relax repeatedly without tiring, it can not be done by some exercises. These exercises strengthen red fibers, so that they are able to store more oxygen. Therefore, the muscles will be able to resist any longer. Unlike exercise, resistance exercises are very easy and do not require the use of heavy equipment. Cycling, jogging, stair climbing are effective ways to build muscle endurance. Read on to learn different exercises that you can increase your muscle strength.

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Training for muscular endurance

On the lower body

Leg extensions
Place your feet on the ground while sitting in a chair. Flex your foot, while straightening the leg. Hold and then lower. Repeat up to 20 times. Then do the same with the other foot. You can also use ankle weights for this exercise.

Put your back against the wall and lowering the body in a sitting position. Hold for the number of thirty, then straighten. Repeat the above five times a day for effective results.

Stand up straight and hold support. Lift the heel of one foot to the buttocks, then lower. Repeat twenty times for each foot.

For the upper body

Secondary lifts
Stand up straight, placing a hand on her waist while maintaining a light weight on the other side. Now lift the weight arm, right side, shoulder height. Wait a few seconds, then lower the arm. Repeat this exercise for ten minutes, then do the other arm.

Biceps Curls
Stand up straight, keeping your arms at your side with your elbows on the position of the waist, palms facing forward. Keep an object of average weight in one hand and turn the weight to your chest. Wait a few seconds, then slowly lower the weight. Repeat for ten minutes, then continue to the next arm.

Tract ions
Keep the right foot and place your hands on the table, arms outstretched and feet together back. Bend your elbows slowly nodding on the desktop. Then straighten your elbows. Repeated ten times.

Place the palms in front of your face, keeping your arms slightly apart. Then slowly lift your elbows, while pressing the palms until the elbows are level with your chin. Pause for a few seconds, then lower elbows. Repeat five times.

Sit on the edge of a chair and place your feet on a chair. Now, crossing his arms over his chest and leaned back. Lift your chest toward your knees bent. Repeated ten times.

Lie on a mat and place your hands under your shoulders. Point your fingers in front of the room and let the torch elbows on the sides. Come on toes or dropping to his knees for a modified position. Keep your back straight and tight heart, lower your body until it is about an inch above the ground, then push up.

exercise for muscular endurance (muscular endurance)

exercise for muscular endurance (muscle)

exercise for muscular endurance. exercise for. muscular endurance.

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