Lower back exercises

Lower back exercises:  To have a healthy spine and lower back pain, it must be a combination of mobility and stability. The most powerful element for stability is a stable level of basin.Lower back exercises

The basin is the base of the spine. When this is not the level that makes the rest of the column (which is on the upper part of the basin) to move an abnormally folded side, and rotated position. This abnormal position causes the bone joint of the spine to remain blocked in rotation and lateral bending which normally maintains the movable joints.Lower back exercises

Have you noticed what happens in the muscles of an arm or leg after being immobilized for a period of time, say that after removing the plaster, etc.? Muscle atrophy and degenerate. The same applies to the tissues around the spine when the joints can not move normally. Degenerated discos (such as degenerative disco disease and herniated discos), muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage all degenerate.”Lower back exercises”. Osteoarthritis develops following the degeneration of cartilage.Lower back exercises

When the pelvis is stable and O / vertebrae can then move normally, prevent degeneration and disease of the bone. Of course, also prevents back pain this way.Lower back exercises

There is also a bit of a vicious circle developing here. Like the joints of the spine become less mobile, which tends to cause instability / pelvic obliquity. When we move through our day without movement in the joints, the movement must occur somewhere else in the spine, then the movement is in the basin, so that the pool compensates for the lack of movement of the spine . Mobile column helps maintain stable supply basin and helps maintain stable mobile spine healthy and pain free.Lower back exercises.

To have a stable pool must create muscular balance throughout the core. Core strengthening is not just AB exercises. In fact, I never use squats, crunches or any other exercise that requires lifting the trunk against gravity, because it is too risky to shorten the silicoses muscle, which usually must be tight, not shorter. ” Lower back exercises”. We must do exercises to strengthen core course, not all core strengthening exercises are safe for the Lower back exercises.

The muscles that pull the pelvis usually in an unstable position because they are too tight and short square are left lumbar and right silicoses muscle. These muscles need to be stretched. There are 33 muscles that attach to the pelvis. “Lower back exercises”. Those who need to be strengthened to help the stability of the lumbar spine and pelvis of the majority, and also contribute to a mobile column are the glutei muscles, the rectums abdomens, internal and external oblique, the transverse abdomen, hip abductors and adductors.Lower back exercises

Stretching and strengthening exercises on the DVD, “The missing link of neck and back pain relief” will take you step by step to help customize your exercise program to stabilize the pelvis, keep the mobile column prevent degeneration and create a life without pain.Lower back exercises

Lower back exercises

Lower back exercises . exercises . back .

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