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Looking to target your shoulders with a difficult exercise, but short of time or lack of access to the gym? Take a pair of dumbbells, perform these exercises and enjoy the results.exercise dumbbells.

Be sure to follow the correct shape through exercise and do not overdo it. Most shoulder injuries occur in the deltoid muscle, as a result of poor technique or overuse. exercise dumbbells.

Barbell Upright Row exercise dumbbells.

This exercise targets the trapeziums muscles and shoulder muscles.
Hold two dumbbells in front, hands slightly wider than shoulder width
Pull the dumbbells up, allowing your elbows to stick out on both sides
Pull the dumbbells almost to the chin
Lower the dumbbells to the size and repeat for specific representatives (see below)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (exercise dumbbells)

Sitting on a bench, lifting dumbbells next to your shoulders, palms facing forward
Press the dumbbells above your head
a brief pause at the top, but do not let the dumbbells touch
Lower the dumbbells to shoulder height at a controlled rate and repeat the movements
Another way to exercise is to start with your palms facing you, turn the wrist while pushing up through the press, so that their palms at the top of the movement.exercise dumbbells. This is known as the “Arnold Press” after Arnold Schwarzenegger.exercise dumbbells.

Before Dumbbell Raise (exercise dumbbells)

Standing, holding two dumbbells, arms outstretched in front of you
Keep your body still, lift the dumbbells up
Your palms should face the floor throughout the movement
Lift the dumbbells slightly above parallel to the floor, then lower back to the starting position in a controlled manner
Another variation is to lift a dumbbell at a time, alternating sides. As simultaneous increases, do not move your body to lift the weight.

Bent-Over Side Elevations (exercise dumbbells)

Bent-over lateral raises are a twist on the traditional lateral raise. Rear deltoids are underlined. Squeezing your shoulder blades at the top of the exercise also works the middle and lower trapeziums.
Alternative: Lie on an incline bench while exercising.

Raise a dumbbell before (exercise dumbbells)

Increases front dumbbell with one goal anterior deltoid muscles.  exercise dumbbells . I like to make a last movement, performing as many repetitions as you can to finish my shoulder training.exercise dumbbells.

exercise dumbbells to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders

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