Horizontal bar exercises and how you speak

Horizontal bar horizontal bar exercise an important back muscles exercises is also evidence of the high fitness
But many novice players in bodybuilding can not perform cutting exercise, even for once
Here’s the solution in easy steps how to start from zero to 10 Tkart in cutting exercise

1 – High clouds Exercise

Be sure to exercise performance High clouds where you can control the weights is very similar to the
Exercise horizontal bar.

2 – exercise the muscles of the arms

Try increasing the weights a lot in training, arms, where you come from cutting Parvek train

3 – Kristin muscle

Kristin muscle strengthening exercise and grip so you can catch well Balaklh and body control

4 – Be sure to horizontal bar performance in each exercise

You can exercise horizontal bar performance in each exercise, even if you can not of performance Tkart enough to Akhil
Balaklh only for 30 seconds with the increase your tolerance to power up to 2 minutes hanging Balaklh.

5 – Repeat One and comfort

Bring a chair under the horizontal bar, and one repeat performance and then stop on the chair and then back again
Wadi repeat the last 10 to complement Tkart

6 – Get help colleague

Mark colleague during exercise helps you to catch your foot and holds your weight and thus helps
To perform more iterations.

7 – 3 Tkart the connected

Now you can perform 3 Tkart connected without interruption can not play this ratio so you can
10 Tkart the performance

8 – download fat

Fat loss will help right in performance Tkart largest with less weight, which you want to campaign

Horizontal bar exercises and how you speak

Horizontal bar exercises. Horizontal bar. Muscles of the shoulders. Noon.

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