I best arm exercises for strengthening and toning? WebMD asked fitness experts to share some of their tips for building stronger, tighter arm muscles.

First exercise : Seated wrist curls. Sit on your bench with a barbell on your lap. Grab the barbell with your palms facing you. Rest your wrists on your knees and let your wrists curl backwards, using your knees as support. Next, use your forearm muscles to lift your wrists towards you. Take precaution not to move your arms or else this exercise will not be as effective! You are supposed only to move your wrists using your forearm muscles.

Next, your second exercise would be Seated Dumb bell wrist curls. Sit on your bench with two dumb bells in your hands. Rest your forearms on your laps and your wrists on your knees, facing downwards. Your palms should also be facing downwards. Relax your wrists and let the weight of the dumb bells pull your wrists towards the ground. Next, use your forearm muscle to curl the dumbbells towards you. Do not move your arms or your forearms for this exercise as well. Your forearm muscles power the lifting although you are not moving them.

Lastly, try the reverse barbell curls. (This exercise trains your biceps as well) Stand on the ground with your hands gripping a barbell at shoulder width. Your palms should be facing downwards. Relax your arms and allow them to be fully straightened. Next, Lift the barbell towards your face with your forearm muscles. The ending position would be with the barbell at your chin level and your elbows bent. Return to starting position and repeat the action. Keep your elbows close to your body and stationery at all times to ensure your shoulder muscles do not assist the exercise. These muscle building workouts will help target your forearms for muscle growth! Try 2-3 sets of these exercises with 8 repetitions each and I’m sure you’ll get those forearm muscles growing really soon!

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Forearm muscles bombing

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