The benefits of cycling


1. It is a sports-active body, and help with weight loss, strengthen the muscles of the legs, it has organized a variety of races, teams have been established, and formed unions to organize races.

2. Easy to drive, a few of the collision exposure to flexibility to maneuver Bmcodha but I think it’s important wearing Khodh for head protection while riding
3. Agile, quick mobility, congestion can be overcome easily, and return them in the opposite direction in the same way, without the need to turn from distant places.

4. Reduce air pollution, they do not emit toxins into the atmosphere.

5. Prices ranged licenses Nowadays between by type, and purchase is Adjara for young people. But the expensive types, such as those used in races against the clock

6. Show the owners’ tastes young through Aatnaúhm out, and decorate.

Benefits of bicycle
Male German Institute of Physical Education in Cologne to ride a bike one of the ideal ways in which one can

Which improve all body functions and maintain the overall health if keen to exercise

This sport for a period of only ten minutes a day. In a report that includes a summary of about seven thousand a study on

The benefits of riding a bike as a way to get physically fit is high, the institute said that riding a bike for ten minutes

Every day helps to strengthen muscles and blood circulation and body joints. The Institute pointed out that it can be

Also to improve the condition of the heart if March man riding sport bike for half an hour a day

And to exercise for 50 minutes a day helps in the process of build Albrootoplazema necessary to burn fat

In the body as well as the sport working to strengthen the back muscles and spine. Said

The report riding a bike is a good alternative to a slow jog because he needs less effort from the knee joints.

2 – the bike fixed (Exercise bike)

Most people are turning to the particular stationary bikes without getting the full benefits of their efforts. But little focus on the machine can help you in saving a lot of your time in the sports center. And avoid boredom, which is why a lot of people are leaving the exercise., For example, at a certain speed stability and for a definite period of novice help to improve and exchange step.

To the gradual rise of speed as well as increase the difficulty of the exercise are helping to build strength and endurance. Working for 30 seconds and then quickly for 60 seconds slower will help to gain fitness quickly.

The survival of cardiac pulse rate high to achieve the desired you take advantage of the exercise. Focusing on a bike and ride to work hard to achieve the desired interest you.

How to buy hard exercise bike?

Stationary bike give you great ability and endurance exercises for the lower body. But how to find the perfect bike in like all of these various options for different types of bikes? Size of the resistance, the performance and the price difference? Is not easy. Our guide is given to the most important considerations in the selection of decent fixed bike is best for you.

If you have any good idea of ​​what you’re looking for …

If you know of previous experience with the type of stationary bike that suits you more, or what features you need, we will work at your convenience where you can trust us and Bnsaúhana and our suggestions for you to choose the right bike for you

Firstly … what kind of stationary bike is just for you?

Our advice to you – do not buy a bike that you what test them personally. One can not hear the words. Visit the store devoted to selling sports equipment and experimenting with each device you think it fits your plan.

No matter how many of the features that it contains the device as it did not feel that suits you best when you use, if stationary bike of the kind that can have more than one user, more bicycles accept a wide variety of height and weights. Anyway some bikes have a maximum weight bearing capacity ..

Test stationary bike:

Tested by the way you will use them. Do not make seller Istjlk. Place the exercise bike a suitable position for your body. Edit the seat height so that you feel comfortable whenever your legs fully extended at the bottom of each session, so that the knee in the extended leg slightly bent. Pedal movement should look smooth and rhythmic. …

Resistance is very important for exercise:

Resistance should be in a comfortable position … and handlebar should be easy to reach.

What do you want bike تمرينك that tell you?

What do you want or need to know during and after تمرينك of? More hard exercise bikes that tells you how many miles you made, your speed, and what is time it took تمرينك the. It’s when you know all the information you need when you search for the bike that suits you the process will become easier.

If you want to monitor heart rate during تمرينك, and want to know how many calories you burn, use is programmed by exercises that mimic climbing hills or walking in parks, or that creates private تمرينك, تمرينك bike will have in the computer inside the pre-prepared exercises .

Stationary bike benefits:
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– If fat burning used manner aerobics, any rapid gradient
– Build muscle if you put on a program to climb
– Softer the joints and احماؤها and agitated
– Burn calories
– Improving the ratio of oxygen taken

2 – advantages:
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– Do not occupy a significant place
– The noise does not occur and you can use it in front of the TV and when there are children
– You can burn 500 calories per hour and will help in muscle building after arson after relax

3 – disadvantages:
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Given that body weight is supported by the seat bikes are considered less burning of calories compared to walking mobile device or skiing (hard to raise your heart rate as in the case of running) is that you’re capable of training to achieve your goals if you spent more time. And remember that exercise which carries the weight of the body is useful in avoiding osteoporosis, which may not be provided by the bike. Also, some individuals may suffer pain that could be caused by the seat (saddle) at the beginning of the exercise on stationary bikes. Users have complained some bikes menu (vertical) of lower back pain, which may be the reason for this misuse such that the height of the seat is not appropriate.

The benefits of cycling and stationary bike

The benefits of riding a bike. Stationary bike. Bike. Bike.

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