Online sweepstakes have become a huge craze, for people of all ages. Of course you have to understand the rules and regulations of each sweepstakes. Each contest runs by its own terms and because they are solely motivated by their branding, marketing and other promotional related activities, they may advertise the biggest prize without including the fine details of what they prize actually entails. One of the most common prizes available (and the most popular for that matter) is the “win a car” grand prize. Seeing these words with an amazing picture of a brand new car on the contest’s page becomes extremely enticing. Before you go forward with entering that particular sweep, make sure you know EXACTLY what is being offered as the grand prize.

As someone actively involved in the online sweepstakes arena, I am aware of the intricacies of grand prizes. These companies that usually offer a brand new car as a prize are often large corporations that have the capital to support such an amazing prize, however they don’t always give you a brand new car. It is important to not just use your eyes to review the promotional images and text but to actively seek out any rules and regulations pertaining to that sweepstakes. This will allow you to understand exactly what the sweepstakes has to offer, no more assumptions.

When you first review the rules, always, always, always, look for the eligible ages and locations requirement. Often times, you will have to be at least the age of 21 years old to win a car but sometimes you can be 18. Definitely, never younger than those ages. You must also consider the region you live in. Many of the win a car sweepstakes offered are available only to US Residents and only those residents who actually live in the continental US. So forget about entering this contests from Alaska or Hawaii, not going to happen.

Now that you have reviewed if you are eligible, make sure you understand and accept their privacy policy. Some companies are merely promotional or marketing agencies that collect the data, organize it and select the winners at random. Others are conducted directly by their own company and will use your information for further marketing efforts. They will send you promotions, deals, discounts and other related news to their company. If you are not ready to accept this type of communication with that particular company, then do not enter your details.

And finally, make sure that the grand prize is what you think it is. I have come across a number of “Win a Car” Sweepstakes that are simply an opportunity for you to win a free 2 year lease of a brand new car. But that is not always the case. There are legitimate car sweepstakes and finding them just takes a couple extra minutes. Good luck with entering your next sweepstakes and I hope you win that brand new car!

Win a Car Sweepstakes

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