Exercise is great during normal pregnancies and provides many benefits. While heading to the gym everyday might not be possible there is another excellent alternative that everyone can take part in. Walking is simple and does not require any equipment. Simply lace up your shoes and get moving. Here are several of the benefits that walking can provide during pregnancy.
Improved Balance
Walking consistently during pregnancy can help improve balance during those last few months when a woman feels out of proportion. Walking keeps a woman strong and healthy during pregnancy and can reduce the number of falls that are seen.
Increased Blood Circulation
Walking daily gets the blood flowing and this is excellent during pregnancy. Blood circulation is vital during pregnancy because of the baby and the best way to help with this is to get walking. Walking also reduces leg and feet swelling that often occur in pregnant women.
Stretch Your Legs
Carrying a baby, especially in the last few months when the baby gets heavier and heavier it is a great idea to keep the legs stretched and active to support the added weight. Walking increases leg strength and will provide for an easier pregnancy.
Lower Stress
Stress can often build as the pregnancy progresses because of the unknown that many women are entering. Walking daily can help to reduce stress and keep the mind clear from unnecessary distractions and tension.
Sleep Better
Sleep issues are common in pregnant woman and simply moving more during the day can make an expecting woman more tired at night. Incorporating a walking routine into a daily schedule can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. This increased sleep will be beneficial to your overall health and happiness during and after pregnancy.
Prevent Excess Weight Gain
While a certain amount of weight gain during pregnancy is important for the health of the baby it is also vital to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Walking definitely burns calories and can be a great way to keep those extra unwanted pregnancy pounds away.
Faster Weight Loss Postpartum
If you walk during pregnancy it is easier to get rid of that baby weight once the baby is born. Because the walking schedule is already in place and your body is already used to doing it jumping back into it after the baby is born will be easy.
Walking is an easy exercise and only takes a little bit of time every day. Find some maternity activewear and designate around 30 minutes per day to some very beneficial walking.

The Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

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