Believe it or not, good men are still out there. The key is to get out there and look.

However, once you’ve found him and he’s interested in you, it’s much harder to keep him. Many relationships falter because one partner falls out of love or just loses interest. It’s important to examine yourself and your relationship to determine if you are on the right road to a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Determine if you have the right attitudes, behaviors, thoughts and emotions when dealing with your partner. Listed below are places in which experts say the right man can be found, but also listed (and equally important) are mistakes to avoid in a relationship. By getting out of your rut and making changes in the way that you handle your relationships, you too can find the right man.

Best places to meet a good man

Prospective partners can be found while carrying out everyday activities. Fundamental things still apply when looking for a good man. The key is to not appear desperate and afraid by putting yourself in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Also, understand that you won’t find someone if you sit at home. Here are some activities to think about:

1. Attend activities of the opposite sex

• Sport stores, events and bars • Body -building health stores • Non-traditional computer stores • Men’s department stores • The gym

2. Homes and events of friends 4. College laboratory courses 5. At work- but not in the same office 6. At the mall or supermarket 7. Special events -found in newspaper or TV ads 8. On vacation 9. Day trips to the park 10. On an airplane- sitting next to him

How to keep the good man

Mistakes are always made in relationships, but we never feel that we made the mistakes. Here are areas to look at in your relationship that may cause problems.

1. Being too needy If you care for someone, it’s natural to want to be closer. However, you may feel that the man should want to be at your beckon call and solve all your problems. Showing an emotional dependency is not a good thing. Men want women who are self assured, know their value and are not “clingy”. Otherwise, you become less attractive and the relationship fizzles. Above all, don’t made statements like “I really REALLY like you”, especially if he has not declared any feelings for you. This signals him that you ARE “clingy” and want him to fill a void in your life. Relax and wait for him to make the first move.

2. Trying to hard to please him Women often make the mistake of doing anything and everything for a man, thinking that they are being everything that a man could want. This is far from the truth. Men don’t choose women that will do anything, but one that is worthy of his efforts. It’s fine to be nice, but don’t overdo it. Doing “anything” subconsciously lowers your status with him and tells him that you need his approval.

3. Choosing a man for his physical attractiveness A very bad mistake to make is to choose a man because of his physical appearance. Attractive men are not necessarily good relationship material. Before wasting your time and emotions on that “beautiful” man analyze his relationship potential. Look for other things that label a man as good such as: trustworthy, loyal, kind, helpful, clean, cheerful, hard working and reliable.

4. Making Excuses for his shortcomings Some men just don’t have anything going for them or they don’t treat women well. Some women overlook this and make excuses for these shortcomings. The reason for doing this is that women mistake their own gut level attraction for a deeper connection with the man. Therefore, they see potential, and hope that the man will change. This is not the case. So, don’t try to change him. Accept him for what he is and get out.

How to Find the Right Man and Keep Him

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