Carrying around a few extra pounds adds half-a-second to your best work out lap times and subverts your vanity. Carrying around a lot of extra pounds renders completing a lap nearly impossible and completely ravages not only your self-esteem but also your self-efficacy. As they begin serious detoxification and a strict weight-loss regime, many dieters honestly feel motivated by self-loathing, and they imagine they must punish themselves for developing bad habits and gaining weight. Although perfectly natural, understandable, and acceptable as a jump-start for your lemon cleansing or one of its New Age variants, self-loathing will not sustain a thoroughgoing lifelong change in your eating and exercise habits. As you remove all the negative elements from your vital organs and major systems, you also must learn to think positively about yourself. A thorough cleanse actually starts in your mind and then radiates through your body.
Changing Your Mind Changes Everything
As you begin your lemon cleansing, then, take the first page from the cognitive therapist’s playbook: Changing your mind changes everything. Put your psyche in sync and harmony with all the changes in your body. As you wash away environmental and food-borne toxins, resolve to eliminate toxic thoughts, too. If you have fallen into the dangerous habit of looking in the mirror and cursing your body, reverse your stream of consciousness, insisting with all your might, “I love my body enough to cleanse, heal, and strengthen it.” If you live even deeper in negative territory, avoiding mirrors altogether, summon courage to gaze at your mirror image, exercising your imagination to envision yourself without the excess weight. Use your vision to establish your goals, and allow for measuring your progress against your mirror image’s conformity with your vision.
Meanwhile, let go of your concern for how your body looks and your doubt about how you esteem yourself. Acknowledge that some obsessions generate motivational power, and risk growing obsessed with what your body can do and your sense of self-efficacy. Establish your most important weight-loss and long-term health goals according to measures of your performance according to what you can accomplish, and then work through the process of “backwards mapping.” If, today, you cannot walk a mile no matter how much you want to, set a mile walk as your goal, and then plan, as you cleanse your body and establish healthy eating habits, to walk a little further each day. If you affirm, “by the end of my forty-day lemon cleansing, I will walk a mile,” then calculate what it will take, realistically, practically to reach that goal. If you will walk a mile forty days from today, how far must you walk thirty days from now, and twenty, and ten, and tomorrow? Do not ask whether or not you can do it; instead, insist that you will do it, and analyze exactly how you will do it.
As you work your way through your lemon cleansing and toward your fitness goals, keep in mind that brain chemicals help you manage pain and boost your well-being. Especially remember your endorphins’ power. When you stick with your resolve to walk a little further each day, you boost both your body’s natural appetite suppressants and your body’s production of natural anti-depressants. In the same way that obsession becomes positive addiction to your health initiative, addiction to dopamine and endorphins will keep you exercising for the sake of the feels-so-good! As the feel-rotten chemicals and dead cells exit your body, they will leave plenty of room for your absolutely new and totally improved endocrine chemicals and healthy cells.
Do not even bother with questioning whether or not you like yourself-the wobbly cornerstone of self-esteem. As you proceed with lemon cleansing and rebuild your body, mind, and spirit, accept as given, I love me,” and then repeat “I can do this, and I will!” founding your renovated self on the bedrock cornerstone of self-efficacy.

Lemon Cleansing Will Cleanse Your Body and Refresh Your Psyche

Lemon Cleansing.Cleanse Your Body

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