Are you satisfied to see the big stomach in the mirror when everything looks nice with the slim jeans you are wearing? Or, you are preparing to attend a special event in 2 weeks’ time and trying to achieve a flat stomach in 10 days or less? This is the time you need to make up your mind to try every possible method to flatten your stomach safely and quickly.
The guides below will help you reduce stomach fat quickly and naturally.
Eat Sensibly – Diet does an important role in reducing weight and thus you must control the foods that you eat. That means drastically lower fat and carbohydrates intake. For you to reduce belly fat in 10 days to flatten stomach, you should only concentrate on eating vegetables, fruits and high protein foods. High fiber and protein will also fill your stomach and prevent hunger.
Reduce Calories – Calories intake should be lesser than the body needed. Make sure there is a calorie deficit of between 300 and 500 calories to ensure fat loss.
Eat Smaller Meals – Reduce your portion size to between 30% and 50% with at least 5 meals. This will also literally force your body to maintain high metabolism and reduces excess fat that can be stored in the body.
Keep Body Well Hydrated – Drink lots of water to keep the body well hydrated. Drinking water can help to reduce water weight in the body by flushing excess water out of the body.  
Exercise – What types of exercise will effectively reduce stomach fat? Cardio exercises such as running, rope skipping, energetic walking, and swimming can effectively reduce total body fat. You should also include fair amount of crunches besides cardio exercise. Exercise at least 30 minutes and 3 times per week. 5 times per week will see better results. There is no single exercise that can drastically reduce stomach fat. Work your way to reduce body fat first and zoom into exercises to flatten stomach.

Get a tight stomach in 10 days

tight stomach in 10 days

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